Top 5 Camera Lens

May 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Camera


These days photos craze among all age group has been spread around world, everyone wants to have perfect pictures and updating these photos on social media is one another craze.  Now for a good photo we need good camera some believe that it’s not about camera it’s about person but I personally believe crappy camera will give you crappy photos for good photos or videos your camera should be of good quality with classic features that one clicks from your camera make us say wow, well I will say that I am also not professional photographer but through my personal experience and brief study I can say these lenses are most preferred and are best in their own.

NIKON D5100 – When you go to SLR route most photographers will suggest you Nikon d5100 because of its outstanding features and clarity. The Nikon D5100 has excellent reviews it is single lens digital camera with single frame and single memory card, it has video capability and best part is it can take photos in low light.




OLYMPUS E-PL1 – Olympus is a new breed establish itself as a credible alternative to both compact and DSLR cameras OLYMPUS will give you automatic features it provides you options to use different lens and comes with image stabilization features it is 12 megapixels, LCD Display and one of the best characteristic is 19 Automatic scenes select modes so it might be good to save this camera for presentations.




PANASONIC LUMIX DMC- G5 – This 16-megapixel camera takes 5 frames per second it is a mirror less its sultry features just allure me to go for it class leading, ultra-compact and interchangeable lens. Now with changing features and technology Panasonic has replaced DMC-G5 with DMC-G7 but still we can’t neglect its features.PANASONIC LUMIX DMC- G5

CANON EF 50mm – Canon is also the one of the best camera from some of the best brands which I prefer to use. When it comes to image quality canon gives impressive image quality it’s very difficult to hit its performance though it has slow auto focused and is unrefined still in prefer it as best.



SONY 50mm f/1.8 SAM – Sony the brand name is more than enough to define its product Sony camera lens owns an excellent feature small size and light weight portrait lens, smooth and silent AF operation with built in motor (SAM), 35 mm focal length equivalent on APS-C, reasonable cost and its attractive look just wow us.

SONY 50mm f/1.8 SAM